Some folks on birdsite are tagging our project account in tweets like "hey jack twitter should copy this thing mastodon does". The idea that this is merely about features is short-sighted. Twitter will never, ever, ever be your friend. They are the shareholders' friend, not yours. No feature will let you see what their engineers are working on, what's under the hood. No feature will fix their headquarters in the US following and enforcing US laws and customs worldwide.

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yep, on mastodon we can pester @Gargron or shut up and do the work ourselves - with twitter the only time you matter is when you show up as a number of active users in their quarterly growth report.

edit: damn we need an edit button or a 'peer review this tweet' functionality.

@mulander @Gargron We in the free software world can do so many interesting things that those companies can never achieve, because their business model simply does not allow them to. If only we could realize this huge advantage and get the concepts across to the end users.

@Gargron It also won't fix them being complicit in an aggressive disinformation campaign by a hostile foreign power to destabilize civic discourse and influence an election. Or the fact that they tried to encourage it by selling ad buys to said foreign hostile power.

Can't really say that about instances in the Fediverse, regardless of ideology.

@Gargron Doesn't change the fact that Mastodon has some very good ideas!

@thatbrickster mastodon instance admins don't want to go in jail because of some loli. Loli is outlawed in France for example and is considered Cp.
It is not about "loli is wrong" but about not wanting to go to jail.

@thatbrickster m.s and other european based instance don't say "Pawoo is cancer on earth" but "we block them because loli is outlawed here". I see nothing wrong with that

@marsxyz @thatbrickster
Question is, why new FOSS platform attracts so much weird and kinky shit. It what essentially drives people off such ambitious projects

@mdfrg @marsxyz @thatbrickster japanese are weird and kinky as seen from europe, nothing new under the sun

@marsxyz @thatbrickster
Not all of them. But the loli branch is very... Eyecatching. Question is, why Mastodon?!

@Gargron Absolutely agreed and even if they suspend #Trump they will still be a capitalist surveillance tool.

@Gargron to be fair, you have to follow the laws where the servers are located..

@hyper @Gargron
Let's all place them on a boat floating in the international part of the ocean. Check mate!

@Gargron That’s exactly right, sir. Your own efforts are appreciated for exactly their very opposition to the problems you outline, and despite some detractors, I think Mastodon is poised to have stronger loyalty of its user base then Twitter does, simply because of a streamlined set of principles. Twitter has no firm principles. Julian Assange was looking for an alternative, because Twitter is too subservient to Western capitalist interests. I hope he finds Mastodon someday :)

I'm continuously trying to bring good people here. And I'm not alone in this πŸ˜‰

@Gargron @Angle
And, you know, the whole "apparently actively supporting nazi trolls" thing.

@Gargron that's why I admire your work. Not to make flattery, but I'm glad to see people able to overcome temptation to make profit and so on πŸ˜‰

@Gargron shareholders' friends? When did you last check their stock dynamics? :)

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