@Gargron Oh I like those! Any chance of getting smaller ones?

@pagrus I don't believe I have any control over the size in this shop

@Gargron Huh, ok. I'm just running out of space on my laptop is all. The design is great though

@Gargron yay! just ordered, will look great on my laptop - plus some good marketing for mastodon

@Gargron Would you consider adding Mastodon stickers to Redbubble as well? They have better shipping for us in the UK.

I found this existing Mastodon, er... 'propaganda', on there, too: redbubble.com/people/ladyclaii

@Gargron So sad that shipping cost is twice the price of the sticker 😢

@Gargron What are the rules on use of the Masto image? We were thinking of doing a combo-image with the elephant and bits of our logo that we could use when asking folk on our mailing list or birdsite etc to come and follow us on here.

@Gargron Hello sticker~~ "Est. Arrival: 2 - 4 Weeks"

Sticker: 3$
Shipping to France: 6$
VAT / Customs duty ?$
Supporting a great project: Priceless

@Gargron yay! Ordered enough for myself and a few extras in case I happen to be near any twitter or facebook offices ;)

@Gargron Could you create a 1.5" version maybe? 🙏

Main reason I don't add stickers to my laptop is that they're too large (and I have quite some friends who told me it's the same for them).

@Gargron is the original image available somewhere so we can print it ourselves ?

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