@Gargron Oh I like those! Any chance of getting smaller ones?

@pagrus I don't believe I have any control over the size in this shop

@Gargron Huh, ok. I'm just running out of space on my laptop is all. The design is great though

@Gargron yay! just ordered, will look great on my laptop - plus some good marketing for mastodon

@Gargron Would you consider adding Mastodon stickers to Redbubble as well? They have better shipping for us in the UK.

I found this existing Mastodon, er... 'propaganda', on there, too: redbubble.com/people/ladyclaii

@Gargron So sad that shipping cost is twice the price of the sticker 😢

@Gargron What are the rules on use of the Masto image? We were thinking of doing a combo-image with the elephant and bits of our logo that we could use when asking folk on our mailing list or birdsite etc to come and follow us on here.

Sticker: 3$
Shipping to France: 6$
VAT / Customs duty ?$
Supporting a great project: Priceless

@Gargron yay! Ordered enough for myself and a few extras in case I happen to be near any twitter or facebook offices ;)

@Gargron Could you create a 1.5" version maybe? 🙏

Main reason I don't add stickers to my laptop is that they're too large (and I have quite some friends who told me it's the same for them).

@Gargron is the original image available somewhere so we can print it ourselves ?

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