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Eugen @Gargron

*whispers* hey there's this cool sticker you can get so everybody sees you're a Cool Tooter

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@Gargron I'd buy a whole bunch right now, if they were 1.5" max.

@Gargron i have a feeling i'll lose 90% of my friends if I started calling myself that

@Gargron i didn't think it was possible but you've actually made Tootsie even cuter. i can't believe it

@Gargron okay sure but where are the stickers that say “cool tooter”

@Gargron Were you able to get anywhere with bulk pricing? Shipping is kind of steep for one sticker-- if I were going to buy one I may as well get 100 and give some away

@pagrus The person said you can edit the quantity in the cart but didn't answer anything about bulk pricing :thaenkin:

@Gargron Hmmm. Would you be interested in getting a quote from somewhere else? I have used stickerguy here in the US with good results.

I'd be happy to help meet a minimum order, if I had to guess it'd be pretty easy to get together enough people to bring the per unit price down dramatically

@Gargron I would be happy to help with some of the legwork if you would like. I am based out of San Francisco

@Gargron Alternately, I could just make them and sell them if you'd rather. They'd be like a buck apiece or something.

@Gargron Or if there is a piece of this that I'm overlooking-- eg if part of that $3 goes to you, or if DBH owns the design, or you have an agreement with them or whatever please let me know and I will back off.

@Gargron @pagrus DBH had a wholesaler discount thing back when I used them, but I don't see it anywhere.

@pagrus @Gargron DesignByHumans, the printing company that's handling the stickers.

@Gargron a cool tooter sounds like someone who let go of a fart in the antarctic.

@Gargron Does the mastodon have a name? Can it be Domhnall?

@djr it's "elephant friend", no further name

ok some call it "tootsie" but i don't like that personally