Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.

@Gargron is there a way we can help with, well, hosting or processing power? is it on your end or is it an externally-hosted thing that we can help by throwing money at you, to pay for?


@ryanlittlefield Right now I'm bottle-necking on my media storage server. It's really Big, 6TB drive, but its ARM CPU is dying under the current load. I have funds to purchase a better one or switch to another service, it's just a matter of annoyingly bothersome devops (moving 412GB of files?)

@Gargron ah, gotcha. cool. i'll probably throw some cash at you anyway to help out (because the last 48h here have been really nice) but I guess if you get around to handling upgrading that or moving those files, that can't hurt!

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