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@Gargron @bea listening to this on one device and count basie on another is p decent

@djsundog @bea This is a very good song. I think Moderat has not made anything else of this level. If you know any other good glitch songs let me know!

@Gargron @djsundog combining both ideas here there is the chiptune album 'kind of bloop' which is a tribute to davis' 'kind of blue' and a pretty good time imo

@bea @Gargron @djsundog that album is _so good_ and the story around it is _kind of awful_ in that the guy who made it, Andy Baio, was sued heavily by the Miles Davis estate.

@phildini @bea @Gargron so rarely do estates of famous musicians do much to enrich the musical world :(