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Eugen @Gargron

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@ryanlittlefield Yes! Obvious RedEye reference is obvious. I have 2900 hours logged in that godforsaken game

@Gargron oh REALLY

okay well uh i mean

if you wanna like

you know

@ryanlittlefield Generally sure, my steam name is gargron and the avatar is a Meepo drawn by Sheepsticked. Though I haven't been playing recently

@Gargron well i'll still add you. i've been out for a week or so, and with pax coming up this weekend i won't be on, but i'll add you and if i see you on i might ping you!

@Gargron i don't play it! i'm aware of it but i have such a backlog that i try not to get into more endless games if i can help it!