A take I could well do without: "'toot' is too silly unlike 'tweet' which is serious"

@Gargron but gargron, *pushes up glasses* technically speaking on a technical level toot means fart and tweet means tweet and if i'm going to take mastodon seriously then y

@Gargron it actually makes me wonder how many people thought tweet was silly in the beginning of borbslat

@Gargron toot is not silly enough make it "blerp" or "mlem"

@halcy @Gargron For ascertaining that Mastodon 3.0 will allow users to choose the word they see on the toot button, you receive this Gargy Award!
(Gargy will use "Gardyloo!")

@Gargron More importantly, why the hell does social media need to be “serious”?!

$diety I hope we never get so square as to think toot is serious. The hell use is fun animal noises if we start reducing them to 'super serious objects of popular discourse grrrr'?

@Gargron Too true. I don't like either of them, so I've modified my own instance in most places to say something different. Call 'em what you want, I say.

@Gargron the important part is they’re talking about the unique nomenclature, I guess?

Toot is kind of a strange word for U.S. people (it’s not the sound an elephant makes here). We can rewire our brains, though. Like others have said, I’m sure “tweeting” took a while to catch on. Now I don’t even remember what I thought about it before it was a word.

@Gargron I love the inherent comedy of people saying that with a straight face.


Can you imagine if the button said 'discuss!' instead?

@gargron Toot just feels silly when you aren't used to it. I thought it was at first, but now I love it.

@Gargron tooting is a cutesy name for farting. I refuse to talk about farting with people.

@Gargron @garbados The terminology was actually a (minor) selling point for me. Give me pachyderms over birds any day of the week!


@Gargron I would suggest “publish” or “aver” instead of toot.

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