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Sometimes I think how about if there's a different lifeform out there in the universe, it might perceive the world entirely differently. Say, they'd see a different range of light. They'd go into our museums and wonder why we hang up blank canvasses...

Will there ever be another lifeform in the universe that would understand us like we do?


@masklayer Friend, you can instantly decipher the meaning of these glyphs to make sounds inside your head. If I linked you a song you would feel emotions based on the chords, tempo and lyrics of the song. If I showed you a painting, you would see what it depicts. We can get all cynical about how shitty humans can be to each other, but there's no other being out there that could do the same things you do.

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@Gargron I think you're being blinded by technology. For some reason (bipedalism? opposable thumb?) we outpaced other species in language and tools development, by some Myrs. "Being there first" by such a thin margin doesn't make us so special. Cognitive scientists and biologists continuously discover how other animals display capabilities of symbolic representation, simple arithmetics, multi-days goals planning, self awareness, etc... almost there! But we'll scrap their ecosystems before😛