Follow Hey that's a violation of the AGPLv3 license of Mastodon. Users must have access to the source code of the application they are using.

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@Laurelai @Gargron hmm, yeah. i just got insta-banned for mentioning this in-thread on itself.


@Laurelai @brennen @gargron

Wait did he delete the toot, or unfederate from, or block a shitload of people? I can see his bs anymore.

@Laurelai @brennen @gargron

I think he deleted the toot. It must be calling to him that he has to rely on other people's hard work.

@Laurelai @slipstream @Gargron @brennen @Mainebot So I cloned both repositories and did exactly this.
Hint: '229K jester.diff'
Anyone know a good site for me to put it on?

@Laurelai @Mainebot @brennen @Gargron @slipstream I just remembered I have wgetpaste installed. Gisted the file at:
(it's literally the output of git diff from the mastodon repo against a jester remote)
side note: I'm British, so I'm still not entirely sure who the fuck this person is and why they matter or think they do.

@Laurelai @samis @Mainebot @brennen @Gargron @slipstream

that is just a pdf representation of the svg content so that adobe illustrator can reuse it later.

@samis @Laurelai @Mainebot @brennen @Gargron @slipstream

Somebody can check me on this, be besides a small bit about Lists, and the stuff about Mods (as different than admins), and a few other stuff, -- that might just be because of being based on a previous commit -- the code differences seem to just be:

Presumably more of his Secret Sauce stuff is in the configuration of the server and the app itself.

@slipstream @Mainebot @Laurelai @Gargron cool. whatever the history or affiliations (i'm totally out of this loop, and happy to stay that way), that seems like the right thing wrt license.

@Gargron send out the teeth of the AGPL, strongly worded letters backed by LAWYERS

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