So all $1 pledges on Patreon become $1.39 pledges? Not the end of the world, but may deter people...? There was a lot of magic in the round numbers I feel.

@Gargron Still that you earn more in theory with this change

@Gargron Definitely deters some people. I cancelled most of my $1 pledges already. :(

@Anke @Gargron is patreon raising fees or something? gotta spread awareness about liberapay i guess..

@MightyPork they're not raising fees, they're switching some of the burden from being all on creators to shared between creators and patrons.

@gargron Not sure if this has been announced to the broader audience. Do you have a link for this?

@Gargron I agree. I liked giving nice round numbers every month. Felt more like throwing cash into the hat, you know? Less coldly transactional.

@Gargron for EU creators, patrons already pay VAT on each pledge - so this new fee will be on TOP of this, I think.

It's gonna get expensive for backers.

@AnnaLandin @Gargron yep, at 23% VAT in Poland I pay $1.5 for each patron that gets my $0.95

@Gargron I wonder if you can alter your pledges now so the final cost ends up being a rounded number... it’s like the patreon tax now

@Gargron I have two questions. If I have two pledges, do they take the fee per pledge? If I get paid by patrons, do they double dip and take the fee for my pledges from money that's had fees taken when it was paid to me?
Both of those things feel unfair and might stop me using patron in the future.

@Gargron I thought patreon was smart about combining things like monthly pledges into a single transaction to cut down on stuff like this. :(

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