I was made aware of over on birdsite by @paulfree14. Perhaps today some of you who still have 🐦 accounts can chime in to the hashtag with your experiences on 🐘

The birdsite account for Mastodon is MastodonProject. Tag it if you need to

@hollyjahangiri @jackyan @Gargron
well we could just make that happen.
...but thought for users or will be more fitting to what they are looking.
They also federate with mastodon, but yet missing the crowd that mastodon has. I'm afraid that to many new users at once joining such still small plattform could bring negative effects.
But to tell ppl about it's existence and sharing it in some groups where *nice* ppl are expected to be, thought could be great.

@paulfree14 @Gargron @jackyan
Might have to reactivate my account so I CAN tell the nice people about the alternatives. Thanks! This is why I left

@hollyjahangiri @Gargron @paulfree14 I couldn’t work out how to sign up to either (no new members can join Friendica’s biggest community; Hubzilla takes your email and password but does nothing and no confirmation ever comes) but will keep at it …

@paulfree14 @Gargron @hollyjahangiri I will take part of that back: the Hubzilla email arrived, but long after I signed up.

@paulfree14 @Gargron @jackyan
Yes, I share your concerns. So far only nice people have followed my breadcrumbs.

...hmm this #twitterevacuationday stayed until now quite small.

Tim Heidecker didn't fired another tweet.
But he anounced evacuation day to happen 31/12/17. He also mentioned during a conversation that within the next weeks he will lay down what sucks about tw.
On his profil fb is mentioned. So hoping he won't quit tw for gettting more active on fb.
Following his tweets and some lobbying could be usefull during the next weeks.

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