I'm a bit worried about this whole Patreon business. -9 patrons so far, although I'm still positive on pledge changes this month. I also realize I'm much luckier than other creators having so much support and being able to do this full-time. But it's also because of that that I am worried, it is my full-time job...

@Gargron Same. I can see this recovering in the long run, but in the meantime folks reliant on lower-tier patrons get hit a little harder.

@Gargron fwiw, i don't plan to stop using patreon, but i am going to look into supporting people on other platforms where they've got an account.

i'd really like to see this problem solved in a decentralized way.

@Gargron Is there a way for people to support you directly, outside of Patreon? I ask because people keep mentioning it to me, and it feels like just another way for someone else to make $ from what I create.

@gargron Yeah it's a worrying shift in policy. I can only imagine how many people are being hit hard by it.

@Gargron as with anything like this, the short term is not where to look. Changes like this happen. Some have long lasting negative effects and some don't. Too early to tell on the day of :).


@Gargron I think this will blow up in the creators face... as a patron it would cost me 20% more... so I had to cut nearly a third of my pledges to not get beyond my max-pledge-threshold after the 18th

@Gargron Ended up uping my pledge basically because I thought this might be an issue for everyone that I know that is using patreon as their primary income source.

IF you'd prefer I move somewhere other than patreon, down the road, just let us know!

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