The thing isn't just that Patreon charges processing fees for each individual pledge even if your credit card charge/PayPal transfer is a one-time lump sum each month. What about using your Patreon credit to pledge? Do they also charge processing fees on that? 'Cause that'd be a double charge, nay, triple charge

@Gargron it is potentially an infinite charge. If there are more money going into Patreon and moving inside than going out, in the end Patron will absorb the majority of what is exchanged.

Flattr did that IIRC (and it was worse because it was some kind of currency, so it was harder to get out than to inject in.)

@Gargron It looks like they are going to. I've asked them the same question, but not got a response.
Their FAQ does say "every pledge"

@gargron From their update it looks as if they intend to deaggregate every pledge so one cc payment per pledge...

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