If you want to support Mastodon but don't want to use Patreon, we have a @Liberapay page:

However those pledges are anonymous, and I cannot put your name on the sponsors page or unlock Discord access based on that. I really wish Liberapay at least allowed *those* things.

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@Gargron @Liberapay I'm sure its a liability thing for them or they have to treat it like selling stuff legally if they let you do that?

@imani @Liberapay That's their argument. But as an end-user, all I know is that it's a really crucial feature.

@Gargron @Liberapay I wonder if you could get around that by allowing donations to be non anonymous but just not being able to be allowed to mention rewards and liberapay together in anything?

@Liberapay @Gargron Like when people sell cups and give you free alcohol when you buy a cup.

@Gargron @Liberapay I give mastodon some of the cents I get. But I don't mind not appearing in the sponsors page.
I mean, the main idea is to make mastodon sustainable. My name in a page doesn't mean shit.


@Gargron @Liberapay
Done for my little monthly 5€, which used to be 5$ so 85 cent raise, and I used to pay 6€ for VAT & conversion so we're both winning πŸ˜€

@gargron I'm in for 1€/month.

I think for that minimal level I don't want rewards or tiers of access, just an efficient way to toss in some money to express support.

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