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Aaand, we have a 12th gem in Fediverse world 🐣
It is 12th on my list of known federated networks, at least.

Fedibook: by @banjofox

"A macroblogging free, open-source social network server, designed from the ground-up with privacy, security, and freedom in mind. The back-end is built on Rust."

I love everything in that description.


p/s Please, folks, stop there for a while. I wish the 13th Fediverse compatible network to be my own ;p

Eugen @Gargron

@lightone @banjofox Whatever frontend you choose I hope it'll have that Medium text editor. Afaik it's open source.

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@Gargron @lightone

Sure why not :)

I'll add it to the feature request list :)

@banjofox @lightone Hm, actually I guess it isn't FOSS. This is the closest I could google up, but CSS needs polishing:

@Gargron @lightone

Feel free to add it as an Issue/Feature Request to the Git Hub when you do find something you like. The discussion board is also available ( but I don't really want to post that around a lot until I get a real TLD for it x.X

@banjofox @Gargron If the final choice happens to be Vue.js, there are some text editors already (like this one: + some others).

If I could submit a "feature" request, there would be just one: will you, please, reconsider the license? :) Currently only Hubzilla uses "MIT", ten other projects are under AGPL3.0, one - GNU3.0 (gangGo), one - Apache2.0 ( "MIT" license is fine.. but... a bit too permissive, may be?

@lightone @Gargron

Anyone is welcome to request features ;)
That was built-into my project philosophy from Day-0. Posting to GitHub direct would be -ideal- that way it is easier to track XD

I'm not sure why we picked MIT, and I've not really thought about it too much since. Another thing to add to the discussion board.

@banjofox @lightone Make sure you have a good license before you accept any outside contributions. Otherwise you're gonna have to hunt down all contributors for agreement to license switch. (Or you need to setup a copyright agreement people need to fulfill before their PR gets accepted)

@Gargron @lightone

Good point -.-

The nanosecond $daygig stops needing "urgent" attention I'm going to start nailing things down.