People were worried when Mastodon went from 20,000 to 500,000 people too. I don't see why you would think 1mil -> 2mil to be any different. I really don't agree with the comments that suggest that Mastodon shouldn't grow.


A lot of folks' fear is that when Mastodon grows it'll absorb bad people. I'm gonna say this. I think even if Mastodon literally grows to the size of current Twitter, the world will be better off overall just because of how Mastodon is structured and what values it represents and what tools it provides for dealing with those problems.


> I think even if Mastodon literally grows to the size of current Twitter

I can agree with the caveat that it'd be distributed, checked growth

unchecked growth -- well, think of any invasive species

adaptation at certain rates is fantastic

adaptation beyond certain rates, from what I've seen, favors some pretty horrible outcomes :/

@Gargron No one seems to really recognise that part of the great thing about Mastodon is that you can pick an instance as per your tastes, moderated as such. The issue with Twitter having bad people is negated on Mastodon by blocking accounts and servers; you aren't trusting only one central moderation team.

How do I fix this on top of my profile???

@Gargron what tools would prevent an instance of mastodon to be setup specifically for disruption or harassment?

@doolbneerg users can mute instances and instance admins can silence or ban other instances

@slipstream hmm, that is cool, but then it means that everyone needs to be more careful about how they select instances. I jumped on the first that had space.

@Gargron shure.
But it's in any case also much about culture not just software.

the fediverse is a cyber space. The information that are shared have impact on ppl and ppl's behavior.

If we can continue to grow mastodon with mostly progressive ppl it will have in future a stronger cultural influence

Once it catches on to mainstream and many centrists, liberals, etc. get introduced to...well fediverse culture.

And yes there are millions of progressives who haven't joined yet

@paulfree14 @Gargron I have thoughts but it’s going to be later before I can write them up

@Gargron Isn't part of Twitter's issue is that there is extremely poor moderation of 'bad behavior' ? I feel like if Mastodon could maintain some rules, they may not have the same issues as a massive site like twitter.

@Unusualjuggernaut @Gargron - Mastodon as a platform has no rules. Each individual node and each individual user has tools to craft their experience as they see fit.

@gargron the very nature of federation almost certainly guarantees a better ratio of admins and mods to users, with fantastic self-moderation tools per-user.

@Gargron amen! That's the whole beauty I promote when talking about Masto!

@Gargron just joined. I have a couple questions about Mastodon.

@Gargron what is the purpose of Mastodon? Is it a Twitter alternative? Just FYI I was shut down by Twitter for libertarian anti big government views. I was never vulgar or indecent.

@SJNX You were shut down by Twitter for libertarian anti big government views??? Ah! They should kick off Trump then...😏 En plus, il EST vulgaire et indécent!

@Gargron I'd like to understand this; from a few months of use I don't understand yet. I don't think choosing an instance is it because you can't move.

.@Gargron Not to mention the incentives for dealing with problems.

@Gargron Thank you for creating this platform for people like us who want to escape the drama over there and just let us have a place to be welcomed.

@Gargron I see the worst thing happening is spamming, and name squatting.

but email systems showed us how we can handle that. Domain blocks lists (CBLs) are already becoming a thing in Mastodon, for example.

@Gargron @BartG95 If nothing at all else, federation means more mods per user, and I would hope that's to the point of not needing to rely on algorithmic moderation.

@Gargron I think as a community we should acknowledge their fear and make sure they feel heard. That is fundamentally what twitter has failed to do.

From a technical perspective we're not worried about shitlords ruining it but that doesn't mean that people who were traumatized on twitter share our confidence that the new system will protect them.

@foozmeat It's not twitter users who express that sentiment.

We need to be able to sort of culturate the influx, I think.
We can see historical breakdowns in usenet's eternal september.
I can't help but wonder what the critical mass is one way or the other
I think because mastodon is /so/ distributed though, it has a much higher critical threshold before disintegration kicks in.

@Gargron #Twitter became evil when its growth necessitated massive investments by venture finance type organizations. The challenge of growth for the #fediverse is going to be trying to spread users over more instances and keeping those instances smaller, instead of having most of them clump together in a few larger instances.

At large enough scale, the larger instances will face exactly the same pressures and choices that Twitter faced. There won't be enough #Patreon funders to sustain that.
@lnxw48a1 @gargron The challenge for fediverse growth is really more about sustainable admining. So anything which makes the job of the instance admin simpler will help, including things like having a recommended way to cover any hosting costs.
" #Twitter became evil when its growth necessitated massive investments by venture finance type organizations."

Or more specifically, when those VCs pushed them to adopt an ad-based model and then IPO.

Is it even possible for a company to sustain a user-friendly model long term?

@maiyannah @lnxw48a1 @Gargron so much this. The larger the instance, the bigger the influence/power it has over the rest of .

However, I have a feeling Eugen was talking about Mastodon as the network, rather than just

@lnxw48a1 @Gargron They'll face the same pressures, but I don't see why they'd need to cave to them. Large instances might have economies of scale, so more efficient than smaller instances.

Users might also be willing to pay more for media uploads/downloads, opening up market for media-less instances (that likely cost less).

@Gargron Eugen, would you mind sharing the current numbers and growth rate? I'd like to get an idea how big / popular Mastodon currently is - out of personal curiosity.

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