@Nezchan @Gargron fun fact: we could write exactly the same kind of article about the Internet. Using the same kind of logic, and arriving at the same kind of conclusion.

I am no blockchain fanboi (as many a toot prove it), but this is just silly.

@Gargron I would remind you that there's a ~startup~ trying to pitch ~blockchain technology~ at governments as a solution for benefits payments that's somehow?? better than direct bank transfers

@theoutrider @Gargron wow, yeah 'cos that's gonna scale well with up to 5 payments per month (at least) for a few million people o_O

@Gargron Did you ever actually bother to learn how blockchains work? You have 44.3k followers due to how everyone automatically follows you as an admin at mastodon.social, yet keep posting stuff you clearly know nothing about (same as the author of blog post you linked). Take a bit of responsibility for your actions, cause you are not a random unknown person here.

Lecture from Princeton professor:


@gutigen @Gargron Nobody cares about your glorified linked lists, darling. :blobrollingeyes:

@Jo @Gargron
are for finance world what activitypub and other decentralized protocols (which includes mastodon) are trying to be for social media - a way to break free from corporate and government control. Yea, btc is currently experiencing some issues, but blockchains are here to stay and not understanding how they work and what impact they will have on our society is just ignorance (also quite ironic considering where we are right now)

@gutigen he just posted a link to an article, what makes you think he doesn't know how blockchains work?

wouldn't it be more relevant and less patronizing to post a comment in the original article rather than here?

@tOkeshu@social.wxcafe.netI don't care about author of that article, he is CEO of a business based on fiat financial model, so no wonder he wrote negative review about something that could negatively affect his company's performance one day.

Eugen on the other hand as a an admin with 44.3k followers and main developer has a lot of influence, so it would be great if his opinions were based on actual knowledge (posting article like above proves he does not understand crypto).

@Gargron I would argue that a decentralized #basicincome / #universaldividend is very novel. (Implemented by #duniter)

It solves the problem of funding and distribution, while it still has accessibility issues it is a good start. #GiveDirectly + #Duniter is an awesome combo to provide worldwide universal #basicincome.

@gargron okay i hate bitcoin as much as the next person but this article is stupid because ethereum actually *is* a good use of blockchain (distributed application platform) it just got mired and co-opted by runaway financial speculation.

@nightpool @gargron isnt it kinda uh. not scaling terribly well wrt e.g. cryptokitties

@chr @gargron good idea != good implementation. but the article doesn't bring any of that up it just bangs on an on about the current limitations of existing software as if they're insurmountable conceptual obstacles lol.

it talks over and over again about how ANY feature above and beyond the most barebone shit is a strike against "blockchain technology" instead of considering that it might be possible people could *improve* things, ever.

@gargron @chr i mean it pisses me off more then I think it's actually wrong but I hate that site anyway so 🤷

" Visa can handle sixty thousand transactions per second, while #Bitcoin historically taps out at seven. [...] And, worth noting, for those seven transactions a second Bitcoin is already estimated to use 35 times as much energy as Visa."


@whilelm Je trouve intéressant de comprendre la consommation en ressources du bitcoin. C'est un des points qui m'a jusqu'ici empêché de l'utiliser.

Par contre l'article ne semble pas du tout ces estimations, du coup ça semble un peu sorti du chapeau :-/.

@octalish C'est pour ça que j'y ai ajouté le lien vers un article Wikipedia dédié qui cite des références

@whilelm Je ne trouve pas de référence à la conso électrique dans l'article wikipédia.

@octalish Ah oui tout à fait. J'ai retrouvé une étude de 2014 qui donne des chiffres.

Mais je ne retrouve pas d'article pour expliquer la projection future. Je vais rechercher.

@Gargron the bit about illegal activities is just about my only problem with this -- it seems to be apologia for violation of privacy in the name of "security"

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