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Alrighties, 2.1.2 is out:

- A heck ton of bug fixes
- Federation optimizations
- New statistics (weekly activity!)

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@Gargron A lot of great stuff in this new release!
May I ask what happened to Mastodon 2.1.1 though?

@masklayer If only Friendica got the Mastodon UI update treatment too, it would be nice to uncouple from Facebook and onto something similar but more independent

@rokups Ha, I wish, but I just wish that they could just add a few features that we the public have been asked what we would like.

@Gargron Thanks ! The update is already available on

@Gargron Does the mastodon:maintenance:purge_removed_accounts rake have a "report only" option, so a list of possibly affected accounts can be created (without acknowledging each deletion) before using the --force switch?