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@ryanlittlefield do you guys verifie celebs on here like twitter and insta and Facebook?

@moonlightbaebaby you'd have to ask @Gargron how that works if at all. as far as i know there's nothing like that, though. this is meant for mostly casual use and more personal than twitter from what i've gathered.

@ryanlittlefield @moonlightbaebaby Hey, hi! We don't have a central authority so we don't do "verified checkmarks", but there are ways to assert your identity without relying on that sorta thing. For example you could link to this account of yours from another website where your identity is already acknowledged.

@moonlightbaebaby I'm gonna ask you to either do that soon or DM or e-mail ( me some sort of proof because while we don't have official verification, we don't allow people to spoof/impersonate famous people/brands either.

@moonlightbaebaby You can also just DM me here (click on the globe and select the envelope instead). Is there any reason you couldn't just post a photo of yourself holding a paper with your username written on it? Pretty common practice

Eugen @Gargron

@moonlightbaebaby Heya, it's been 20h, please either provide proof or stop impersonating Ariana Grande. Thanks

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