Thinking about how to utilize the MastodonProject :birdsite: account better to convince more folks over there.

What if I start tweeting something like where I describe a random Mastodon instance?

E.g., simple example, "here is, a Mastodon instance for artists and designers"

@Gargron that sounds cool! also maybe highlight some good tooters? if they don't feel weird about it

@Gargron I concur with @agaric. Having some focus on individuals would be good, too. I found Mastodon interesting because I could easily run my own instance.

@dustin @agaric Getting the permissions might be a bit more awkward.

@Gargron I like the spotlighting idea! I think the biggest problem with uptake is wrapping their heads around multiple instances, and then picking one.

@Gargron yeah I really think plugging what it IS (cool people chatting about neat stuff) rather than what it ISN'T (controlled by Nazis) would be much more effective in the long term.

Focus on instances rather than the network as a whole is a really good idea.

@Gargron I love this idea. You could spotlight as the worst instance.

@Gargron Maybe get somebody with journalistic skills to blog (possibly even vlog) and interview users, talking about whatever they would like to share about their lives and how Mastodon has been a positive thing for them.

It would be a nice addition to the project.

@Gargron is it possible to be on more than one instance with single account? Or would I need to set up another account on

@artAtomic You can't "be" on more than one instance but you don't need to do that, all users are available for you to be followed from your current account.

@Gargron Thank you! Another question: a friend tried to follow me, but was on another instance and it didn't work until he set up a new account on this instance. I couldn't replicate what happened, but I'm curious why it would. Could it have been from an older instance?

@artAtomic maybe, it's hard to tell. did your friend type in

@Gargron I think he used the link I gave my profile page here.

@Gargron But it was a little while's very slow getting started here. Haven't had much success in getting friends to migrate.

@artAtomic @Gargron there should have been a dialog for a remote follow, but that can be hard to get working if you don't already know it. My advice would have been to use the search bar in his instance dashboard (Right above where you toot from) to look for your handle and instance, I.E. That should have let him find you pretty easy, and then follow you. XD

@Gargron Another topic convincing people to move to Mastodon(and maybe financing the project as well + nice for existing users) could be a mastodon shop with T-Shirts stuffed animals (mastodons) and so on. Have you ever thought about it?

@Gargron Just to note Ello tried that, they have accounts at Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr; it requires crafted stories though, and thus a communications & campaign manager…

And one might consider being careful in crafting one's campaign, lest one winds up like Grammarly, more known for grammar jokes than for their actual grammar-checking product...

@Gargron i think about how reddit beat digg. Subreddits and democratizing moderation. Therefore, highlighting the best of the instances with appropriate hashtags, links, etc.

@Gargron Idea: commission artists to draw promotional mastodon art. Benefits the artists as well as mastodon, and if those artists have a good amount of followers on their twitter account, they can raise some interest by posting it!

@Gargron Highlighting good conversations, posts, and elements of community spirit (people helping each other out, collaborating on projects, etc.) seems a more compelling route.

@Gargron First things first: why would people loved Mastodon? I think this is what we should focus on.
"#Mastondon: A microblogging service for users by users with different connected instances where everyone is welcome."
And some slogans:
- "#Mastodon: 0% censorship, 100% real people".
- "#Mastodon: Now it's time for users to control the Internet".
- "#Mastodon: where users are really respected." (Not 100% convinced by this one since users can insult themselves)

target audience, mastodon, try to not invite right wing consp. Show more

I think everyone should be welcome, even people who think differently. Show more

supporting anti-tolerance or tolerance, both? Show more

Maybe I'm wrong but right wing is just conservative people, right? It doesn't inherently need to mean racist, sexist speciesist and homophobic people. Of course, there's extremes but there's also very unrespectful people everywhere, even in the left wing (if I'm not wrong about the meaning of left/right wings) Show more

cw is only visable within mastodon. Others using differnt plattforms won't see it, but only the 'post text'.

I don't want to have racism invited Show more

Me neither but not all right wing is racist. We need to fight an ideology, not people with this ideology. I don't like speciesism so I fight for anti-speciesism, not against speciesists. We're all in the same boat, we just had a different education. I think bad education is fixed with good education, not with violence or more discrimination @paulfree14

about discrimination Show more

@paulfree14 in my view:
Education is the knowledge we got through our own experiences. This allows us to broadly predict how is our future going to be.

Since education is based in our own experiences and everyone has his/her own, everyone has his/her own education. Unique and non-transferrable. That means that there's no way two people have the exactly same education since they didn't lived the exactly same experiences.


@paulfree14 […] You're not inviting discrimination, you're inviting discriminators. In a controlled way (let's say only 10% of the total users are discriminators) we can "educate" them, teaching them that respect must be a must.

It's irrational but natural (it doesn't mean good) that we tend to be with what we know better (it's called ) so it's all about people ignoring what they are discriminating. […]

@paulfree14 […] Also discriminators usually try to convince themselves that they're superiors and that somehow justify discrimination.

When we argue about discrimination, this is usually the first "argument" (irrational argumentation). Let's say: why would a gay deserve a less consideration treatment than a strait? Or why would a dog deserve a less consideration treatment than a human? Their first answer is "because it's a gay/dog".

@paulfree14 What we need to do is talking and letting know that's no reason to discriminate anyone (rational or irrationally), so if they're living under this reasoning, it's normal but not OK so now that they know something new (new experience), they should make the effort to be more empathetic and understand the others.

This must be done with respect, of course.

Finally, sorry for the long post 😅

@Gargron Appeale to belonging, send people over to to see where they "fit in", a wall full of like minded people wuthout Ads and promoted BS.

@Gargron I think that could be a good idea.

Was thinking of my partner last night and realized that the way to get him on Mastodon might be to talk to him about the instances that are all gamer-focused. He probably isn't the only one who would like to find a community that fits their interests.

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