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@Gargron You are missing
if (Boolean.valueOf(condition))
if (Boolean.valueOf(condition) == true)


Same here. The second one seems a lot more intuitive to anyone who isn't a programmer, but maybe that's just me 🤔

That is to say, I always choose readable code over compact code, it makes sense!


I think the bottom one is the same as the slightly less awful:


Which is still null safe.

@Gargron but what about yoda code?! 🤓

(I'm assuming this would be a levitating coffee mug)

@Gargron in a programming interview
1) not hired (too inexperienced)
2) still not hired
3) Promoted to tech director

@Gargron careful, you might spill your coffee if you do that too hard

@Gargron if (String.valueOf(condition).startsWith("t"))

@Gargron I cant believe I actually understand this meme oh my god
@thehottestpotato are you proud of me