I'm looking into how to write HTML e-mails and oh my god, it's still all tables

@Gargron I saw an interesting talk at a conference last year about making emails that don't look like they suck. Basically the point was "making emails not look like shit is horrible and you'll hate every minute of it"

@zacanger interesting. maybe i should try to hire someone who makes e-mail templates to do it for me...

@gargron as a "startup guy" lemme say html emails suck and unforgiveably there is no good way to do them. Like, at all.

@Gargron HTML email is and will always be a dumpster fire because Outlook uses Word's HTML renderer and Gmail strips a lot of stuff because it'd be too easy to hijack their web-based UI.

@Gargron try it's pretty easy to make some good looking email.

@Gargron tables, embedded images, inline styles and you have to check it in no less than 4 different clients (regular, gmail, outlook, text-only)

on the other hand, html emails don't have service workers and the privacy hell from the regular web (although remote-images-by-default email option is still hell)

Because of outlook. It renders using some MS Word engine.

@Gargron Yeah, it's a whole other job. It's like Demolition Man, you need someone frozen in the 90's to be thawed out in 2018 to do it.

@Gargron i didn't had the occasion to try this, but it seems easy to use

#MJML #Email #HTML

@Gargron yes its like a horrific trip down web memory lane - and again thanks mostly to our friends in redmond 🖕

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