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Eugen @Gargron

Man builds log cabin in the Canadian wilderness. This is so cool.

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@gargron super cute little cabin :) that wood burning stove would be a pain to haul out there, but such a great addition!

Stone hearth would be nice, but that would take some serious extra time.

@Mainebot do you watch primitive technology on YouTube?

@gargron no I've just spent time in log cabins. Also a fair amount of time camping.

@Gargron @cypnk after you build this you have a place to work on stuff like solar powered mesh networks 😉

@msh @Gargron @cypnk hey that’s on the agenda tomorrow (doesn’t look like much so far, but it’s getting there...)

@gargron Those... are NOT small logs he is casually hauling about.

@Gargron as a canuck living near the panhandle, that reminds me of this guy over in alaska

Alone In the Wilderness

@gemlog @Gargron

I saw that show on PBS. Very good show with fantastic nature photography.

@hairylarry @Gargron So you already knew. I did think you'd like it and wanted to be sure :-)


I live out in the country but not in the wilderness. Still I like to watch it on TV and I like to camp in the Ozarks.