@Gargron Good to know all that Patreon money is going to a good cause

@Gargron a non-big player gets positive coverage? must be bribery!

@Gargron they misspelled twitter, or... literally any tech company in the last 5-10 years 😂

@Gargron tfw you want to give a social media platform a sumptuous blowjob but you just can't get into it unless William Shatner is watching

Real talk: has anybody even broke even on running a mastodon instance or doing mastodon dev? I feel like becoming popular is a great way for costs & effort to go up.

@enkiv2 the money gargron gets paid for mastodon dev is laughable, nobody makes any money with this.

I figured.

The appropriate way to make money with a social network is to con a gullible VC and then never actually have any users.

@djsundog @enkiv2 @gargron @nolan assuming both usage, patronage, and server costs remain static (which they won't) i'm technically breaking even right now just with the patreon if i dont count time spent on maintenance as billable hours

@chr @djsundog @enkiv2 @Gargron Same. I never broke even, only recouped maybe ~50% of server costs from Patreon. These days I rely on employee cloud discount.

@Gargron SMH They're all in the pocket of Big Decentralized

@Gargron source? That’s too funny. I am guessing Business Insider

[Master Skywalker: "Amazing, every word you just said is wrong" meme]

@Gargron Thanks for the additional income. I was starting to worry my checks from Soros and Putin were going to start to run dry.

@Efi Serious question or joke question? I have not spent a single cent on coverage.

@Gargron it was a joke on how 30$ is -a lot of money- for poor me ;w; XDDD

@Gargron - Imagine what you could have done with all that money you blew! 🤪

thought it's true that since april mastodon kicked in (speaking about popularity), and that was after the couple of articles.
And the ppl that wrote it got paid for it.
I didn't read it in a way that it would mean that mastodon ppl payed for it.

@paulfree14 No the person who wrote this absolutely meant that I paid for reviews. And that's total nonsense.

...yeah. everyone seems to understand it that way. Maybe I'm missing something cause of my english.
Anyway I asked the person, just so I can be clear about what they ment.
(in case they tell me that it was ment different I'll let you know)

@koyuawsmbrtn Okay, I need to know. Does my toot read like it's supposed to be believable? Why did you write "but still"?

@Gargron "but still" stands there, because that thing where the screenshot is from might be still there.

@emelie I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to get in on the ground floor on your CinnamonBunCoin ICO @Gargron

@Gargron You're really Satoshi Nakamoto and cashing out your Bitcoin to pump up favorable reviews of Mastodon from tech journalists.

Someone needs to make a tinfoil hat emoji. Why does that not exist?

@smallsees @Gargron
Step 1: be Satoshi
Step 2: profit from bitcoin
Step 3: make mastodon
Step 4: blow profit from bitcoin on advertising mastodon
Step 5:???
Step 6: profit!

@gargron I'm not sure whether I'm more offended by the implied contempt for prostitution or by the attack on open-source social media
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