I don't know how to make this graph not completely unreadable so this is all you get from me, just wanted to test if the data works, it kinda does.

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@Gargron Sorry, I meant the INFO, the other toot :) the one with the call to action :)

@gargron probably the only way to include all the instance names in a graph this size is to either render at absurd resolution and/or vectorized, or do something interactive/zoomable

@Gargron 3D version? Might be more manageable in VR. (And more cyberpunk.)

@Gargron seconding a desire to see an interactive version! Thx for everything!

@Gargron It may not be greatly useful from a data visualization perspective, but it gives a broadly generalized impression of how folks are interconnected and that's kind of nifty.

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