The best bank heist movie is Vabank.

Since it's both an old and a Polish movie, I wonder how many people here have ever seen it.

@Gargron probably everyone from Poland :)

cc: @rysiek @Wolf480pl @KrzysiekJ and many others.

@fcambus is French but lives in Poland, you will have to interrogate him to know if he saw it ;)

Pozdrowienia z Polski :)

@Wolf480pl @Gargron @mulander I'm ashamed to admit, but I've never watched it. Yet. :G

@Wolf480pl @Michcioperz @BluRaf @fcambus @KrzysiekJ @rysiek @Gargron @mulander yeah, i've seen it and the sequel a few years back. Both are nice movies and both have a few scenes which are often quoted by a few members of my family (in a rather 'funny' matter)

@mulander @Gargron @rysiek @KrzysiekJ @fcambus

A friend of mine says "Miś" is technically also a movie about taking money out of a bank, and that it's better. Maybe you should watch it too?

@mulander @Gargron @rysiek @Wolf480pl @KrzysiekJ @fcambus I'm one of those Chicago-born Poles and I've never heard of it, but now I'm gonna' find a copy. Dzięki!

@mulander @KrzysiekJ @Wolf480pl @rysiek @Gargron Added to my watch list, thanks for the suggestion ;-) (That should also answer the initial question!)

@fcambus @mulander @KrzysiekJ @Wolf480pl @rysiek @Gargron Then you should add other Machulski's masterpieces to that list. At least Seksmisja and Kingsajz (-:

@mike @fcambus @mulander @KrzysiekJ @Wolf480pl @Gargron oh by all means! However, Vabank is the least political of these, which also means it's the easiest to understand and appreciate outside Poland.

Not saying political is bad, btw! I love Seksmisja and Kingsajz to bits, mainly for the socio-political commentary. But many jokes and themes there are simply completely opaque to non-Poles.

@rysiek @fcambus @mulander @KrzysiekJ @Wolf480pl @Gargron I'm Russian thus I've only seen dubbed versions, so can't really comment on that apart from that at least some jokes weren't lost in translation.

It's also funny how some sequences (dissidents in Seksmisja for instance) were left out from the soviet era cuts and even now you can find digital copies with those sequences restored but either done with different voices or lacking any voice over completely (-:

@mike @fcambus @mulander @KrzysiekJ @Wolf480pl @Gargron I vaguely remember that one of the quotes in Polish meaning "due East, there must be some civilization there" (obvious nudge and a wink to the censors) was translated to English as "due West (...)".

@Gargron basically everyone in Poland has seen it, or at least has seen some scenes from it. Certain phrases went into the day-to-day language, even.

It's a great film, without a doubt. Now I'm craving it, will probably re-watch it this week. :)

@Gargron I've seen it but it doesn't count for the reason @mulander already gave: yes, I'm Polish, too...

@Gargron Must check it out. My all time favourite is Heat.

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