Thought: `rails mastodon:install` command with interactive TTY prompt to fill out what's going to be saved as .env.production

Good idea or a waste of time?

@Gargron Good idea only if it goes with explaining (or linking to) every section of the file.

@Gargron Very good idea

Similarly, something like a "environment check" might be useful too?

@Gargron Some Debian packages (eg. mysql) do this, it's quiet nice.

@Gargron straight up game changer if your goal is instance creation accessibility.

@tobypinder I'd like to think so but I don't think filling out the .env.production file is complicated, compared to installing all the dependencies, getting a domain name and an e-mail delivery service

@Gargron ah yes, one can certainly use it as part of a setup flow to tutorialise those things though: starting a process and being told what to do will trump docs every time

@Gargron @tobypinder streamlining the process is Good even if it's only for minor stuff; the cognitive load adds up

@aeonofdiscord @Gargron big phycological "this project is for *you* to play with help too. Users probably more inclined to Stack Overflow the hard bits if the rest of the process is less alien

@Gargron though I think the new hotness™ with rails is using "bin/setup" for that kinda thing, not that I think any project should be wedded to that nor do I know if masto uses that for other stuff

@Gargron Definitely, as long as the setup makes it clear which settings are optional (like S3 options) and lets you easily skip them.

@gargron if I might bikeshed, consider `rails mastodon:🍍`

@Gargron good idea as long as the current options remain the same - much harder to make ansible work with an interactive tty :D

@Gargron sounding off for the "sysadmins that like this" contingent

@Gargron anything to simplify the install would surely be appreciated.

@Gargron I like it. I really missed it when installing Mastodon. However, I donʼt know how it could work with Docker…

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