@Gargron have you considered mounting
(-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro)?

@ryanlittlefield No it somehow lost half the environment variables in the container

@Gargron That phrase is useful/true is virtually any scenario.

@Gargron about 2FA fails? I'm not using Docker, just KVM / FreeBSD. What change fixed it ?

@Gargron hey sorry to interrupt again but what fixed 2FA for you? I'm still having the issue

@Gargron I have a few ideas that will make mastodon really successfully more than twitter, facebook, google plus all put together. I really want you to DM me, as I much rather say them to you, only always in there.

@Gargron Is there a project like Mastadon but for online video?

I'm excited for the cross server seeding feature but I think the social aspect are more complex than the technical

@Gargron lol, so glad I went with the standalone production guide.

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