@Gargron also bafflingly seems to argue that community moderation is bad, somehow???

Slamming a whole bunch of groups of people that by definition don't like each other together in one pool and trying to enforce common rules for everybody is a poor community moderation strategy, which ultimately leaves everyone unhappy.

@theoutrider @Gargron

Well obviously, because it's not harassment, it's happy gamers playing their way. If you don't like it you can get forced ou....I mean you can find a server that suits your playstyle. Where you'll probably find the same treatment.

@Nezchan @theoutrider @Gargron meanwhile I used to be part of a dedicated server and we all know "happy gamers" didn't just leave when they found said locale was not for them....

@theoutrider @Gargron It's not saying that moderation is bad, but that if everyone's playing the same arena, conflicting styles lead to the abuse of moderation to advance one's preferences above others.

@Gargron I'd never thought of it like that but that makes a lot of sense. It's a real shame that we've lost that in gaming, it feels like the boat has sailed for decentralization over there due to the massive amount o time and money it costs to make a game.

@Gargron I went in expecting it to be wrong but then it kinda wasn't. also matchmaking systems are inherently hard to moderate because they involve new people every single game

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