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Eugen @Gargron

Maybe it's been too long since the last big wave ๐Ÿ˜•

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@Gargron what *if* fuzzy elephant site is its own weird thing? would that be so bad?


are you seriously worrying about user influx?

You gotta work to make that happen, and not just rely on really shitty PR to happen to make people move.

Buzz is work, it's why people make it their jobs.

@Mainebot I don't know what to do anymore



step 1: look at what's going on. Put out a press release about major version updates and make it sound good. Mail that to people in the press who might be receptive, a bunch of FOSS advocates, etc

Use that to drum up buzz while circulating bad twitter and facebook news.

step 2: PPC ads. Use Facebook to fucking eat twitter, then use google to eat facebook. Align these PPC campaigns with press releases and news stories.

step 3: go to gatherings, talk about it in person.


Yes, probably, but I'm not even sure I have the time. Like, I have a couple ideas. The whole and services are so fucking nice because it means you can't do more than talk about it in abstracts, you an point and say 'look, ANYONE can have this, and participate, RIGHT NOW.'


can do more**

Like, you can literally provide direct action that people can take to get on board, and its so streamlined. You can put it in the face of businesses, advocacy groups, fucking advertisers, whomever, and they can play without needing someone on staff who knows a single thing about anythign internet.


Anyways none of this is me saying I can't be hired. I love money. I love it a lot.

@Mainebot Are you on discord? We better take this to IMs


yeah but it'll probably have to wait. I'm at work.


Generating buzz is expensive and difficult, but it forces the conversation. Have answers to questions ready. Do awareness campaigns. Write a newsletter. Hit some podcasts. Shit talk the alternatives a little. Bloge.