Rails is an amazing framework that has allowed Mastodon development to thrive and implement lots of, among other things, anti-abuse features.


That quote by the CTO (or whoever it was) blaming Rails for Twitter's awful community moderation is totall bull.

@gargron look, if they used wood instead of concrete to build this building then they wouldn't have such a big problem with the water bills

@Gargron Apparently according to this clown everything should be written on first go to support 50 bajillion simultaneous users, agility and dev responsiveness be damned.

@Gargron I hate Ruby on Rails, I'm not going to hide it. But THIS is just laughable. Holy hell, the scapegoating in this is indefensible.

"Fisher-Price infrastructure".

That must make Github a Lincoln-Logs website then. WTF?!

@Gargron Watching Twitter's web-based interface just deteriorate under Firefox 57 into bordering on complete unusability, what they should be doing is massive layoffs of their technical staff. It's clear incompetence reigns supreme in that company.

@Gargron wow it's uh... pretty telling that twitter thinks hiring mods is "papering over" and not a standard way to deal with abuse

@Gargron I dislike Rails and I don't get Ruby but the amount of bullshit in this text is just phenomenal

@Gargron The implication that human moderators aren't worth the investment is also super frustrating. >:(

Iʼm so very not a Ruby guy (although Iʼm no hater, either), but this… itʼs golden; reminds me of a BS generator I used years ago.

@Gargron "The (completely arbitrary way we've decided to use the) Rails Framework just won't allow it!"

@Gargron I know, right? That's probably the most tech-BS thing I'll hear of the week.

"I couldn't pin down a blue nail, my hammer was only designed for uncolored nails"

@Ronflaix @Gargron could anybody explain to me why this is actually a thing ? What is criticized in RoR and how is it linked to harrassing people ?

@magikarp @Gargron This time ,I guess it's "blame the tools, not the user's unability to make a wise use of them"

@Ronflaix @Gargron I get it, but what in the tool ? There must be something specifically targeted by this person in RoR, even if this is fallacious (?)

@magikarp @Ronflaix As a person with 10 years in web dev, I can tell you I have NO IDEA what this person means. It's incomprehensible.

@Gargron yeah i found that bizarre! certain tools can encourage bad developer behaviors, but like... rarely is a tool responsible for the codebase turning into spaghetti. their actual complaint sounds like the code has become too complex and too hard to change, which has been a problem at literally every corporation i have ever worked at. none of which were web companies that used rails

@Gargron It's a poor worker who blames the tools, for starters.

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