Something reminded me I still have Pidgin installd... It's strange to think that something like 6 or 7 years ago I used to have it open all the time because all my friends were on gTalk and MSN

Fellas... I was nostalgic about friendships from 7 years ago, not trying to make a point about technology. Although yes, that's valid too.

@Gargron I miss the days when I could chat with everyone, regardless of what service they used, through a single app. AIM/Google Chat/Facebook even ICQ.

If Adium's IRC implementation hadn't been crap, I'd even had used it for IRC.

@sanspoint @Gargron Matrix does somewhat that with bridges for a lot of things. (IRC, XMPP, Discord, Telegram, mail)

@marsxyz @Gargron Well, problem is that now, I'm on IRC about once every two years, I use Signal over Telegram as Telegram is kinda... gross, and all the people I want to actually communicate with are mostly on Facebook these days. (Lord how I hate Facebook, but I cannot extract myself from it...)

@SunDancer No important friends were on ICQ, only school classmates. So no good memory there

@Gargron Every time I switch platforms, I lose a couple friends. I'm currently in a Discord with one single friend from high school.

@Gargron I remember Pidgin, I guess all those instant chat conversations have moved to different places, like social networks or texting

@Gargron when it shut down, I was still using the aim service to talk to two people. We were able to transition to Gchat, but I feel really precarious. One of those people is my dad, and our relationship would be a lot less deep if we couldn't im

I don't understand why pidgin in in EOL state? I believe there is even bigger market demand for cross platform, cross-OS, multipurpose IM than ever!

@mdfrg @Gargron the problem is they

1. have fancy-shmancy UI; while I like Pidgin's traditionalist UI, others don't

2. no one's making libpurple proto plugins for Slack & Discord or whatever - there's barely ones for open ones like Matrix! weechat is further ahead here...

3. pidgin allegedly has maintenance issues; security patches have trouble getting pushed to stable so I hear

4. desktop is less important

(tl;dr: factors for normal people to use pidgin/supported protos aint there anymore)

I don't see fancy schmancy DESKTOP clients for any of contemporary IMs (apart for Telegram and now Signal).

From what I see pidgin is lacking manpower... But why?

@mdfrg @Gargron oh they do.... they're just web apps inside Electron (as for why THAT happens, that's another issue altogether)

pidgin lacking manpower is a symptom of these factors

I'd even mind having podgin been ported to electron if this'd inject some stamina into the project. Frankly, my question wasn't specific about pidgin but the lack of a proper cross protocol im client AT ALL

Libpurple for facebook broke for me some month ago and since it doesn't really support pgp then there is no real reason to use pidgin anymore for me. Luckily, works and *is* maintained

@mdfrg @Gargron ...PGP for IM seems a bit weird to me when OTR, and now OMEMO exist?

Can you have chat history that works on difrent devices(phobe, laptop, pc) with omemo/otr?

@mdfrg @Gargron no, but PGP means you lose perfect forward secrecy

it's a trade-off, but a big one

Forward secrecy it's not always the need. I have a xmpp server just for my family and close friends and having a chat history that i can pull from server when connecting new device is a must be for me.

@Gargron @calvin
Encryption is not always for shady business, for me it's just for privacy. And for personal stuff chat history os a must be

@Gargron my refusal to move to Skype when MSN did lost me most of my university friends from circa 2005.

I do have XMPP but none of my friends have been online since Gmail stopped federating.

Telegram seems to be the last place I can find any of my friends and I'm not sure they would survive a switch to another platform.

Get a account, and you can use Pidgin again 😉

@Gargron Skype got reverse engineered as a libpurple plugin recently.

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