superthought: what if instead of being confined to the column the profile is displayed in, the media timeline opens in a modal 🤔

lol I bet a lot of people aren't aware this even exists


the most secure place to hide the national treasure is inside a dropdown menu

@Gargron truth tbh it took me a while to find you can see media without going to the static page

@MightyPork I'm gonna have to add another bar below the toots/following/followers, but I can only fit toots/media in it, "toots with replies" like on static page is just too long

@Gargron maybe a bad ux but I would nest a "replies" checkbox in the toots card

@Gargron I think having it in a tab would make it more obvious.

@Gargron in a hamburger menu without a visible label too

@Gargron Is this dropdown accessible on mobile or just on web browser?

@Gargron cool do you happen to know where it is on Amaroq? Thx!

@demonkind ohh no sorry i'm not responsible for amaroq. i don't know if that exists in amaroq or not.

@gargron I keep all my passwords in the EULA of our software. No one will ever look at them there, and there's well over a hundred million copies scattered across the globe in the ultimate disaster resistant backup scheme.

@Gargron lol maybe there needs to be a protip bot like those 90s app 😆

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