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Eugen @Gargron

Vero, tired: First million users free

Mastodon, wired: All millions users free

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@Gargron *unless you run your own, in which case you still get far more for your money than vero

@KitRedgrave @Gargron Darn straight! This has been an excellent return on investment. I’ve made so many friends and been able to help lots of nice people!

@Gargron but how much runway do you have before the next round?

What are the ARPUs my dude I need ARPUs to live

@Gargron Wait, they're going to charge for that? You can't even make a text post.

I figured, since they're getting you to share consumer-y things, that they'd just make money off of taking a cut of anything purchased from there.

... though, I don't really want a social networking site where the main goal is for friends to share things they think I should buy.

@Gargron So basically Vero doesn't bring anything new to the table while Mastodon heaps... And they don't have a cute mascot!