It's uncanny how aptly that picture describes the way Mastodon works (people on Mastodon servers sending each other messages)

@Gargron Yeah, the level of detail really makes it adorable.

@Gargron I like how that came out, too. :) It reminds me of (and may well have been inspired by it) but it really brings out the instance/federation concepts at the same time.

@Gargron That would be - it's under standard copyright, but we might be able to persuade Heise and the artist to release it under a permissive license if we ask nicely. But let's let the dust settle on the article first. :)

@Gargron @eloquence heiß is making seriously good articles and they know what they written about.
I'm Happy to see mastodon positively in the news

@Gargron Adorable, just don't show PETA/twitter/Facebook/Tumblr @eloquence

@Gargron let's do a masto meetup where we only talk to each other using paper airplanes

@Gargron @eloquence oh no! Elephants are not load bearing animals! Those poor mastodons!!!

Is there any Spanish or English version of the article?

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