@Gargron For now Twitter is in a bubble where no press can be bad enough that it hurts them significantly. But there is a fine line which they will eventually cross. Facebook is kind of in a similar setting but managed (thanks to Instagram) to have also some positive press.

I really wonder when Twitter will make the fatal mistake that pushes them over the edge.

@zerok @Gargron I’ve always wondered what would happen if a Birdsite troll went to the most extreme and murdered the person he or she was abusing.

If that ever happened Birdsite would find themselves in a situation that would make the Hogan/Gawker mess seem tame.

@Gargron couldn't agree more - it's like everyone is happy to walk into a shop (like a high street shop) and have their conversations there - and ultimately the shop owner sets the rules, and does what they want with the conversations. -I'm not so comfortable with that.

Yet another reason I've stayed here.

@Gargron how many users are on your instance? Is there a cap? How big is your moderation-team? Is there an easy way (via API maybe?) to report toots to a moderation-team of an instance?

I ask because you wrote that moderation is easy on mastodon


Very true. Twitter is a nearly bankrupt private company willing to do anything for cash. Including, but not limited to, kissing Communist babies and promoting Hillary Clinton for President.

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