release candidate v2.3.0rc2 is out:

- Pinned toots federate and display in web UI, finally
- Hashtag autocomplete from history
- Media modal with pinch zoom
- No more auto-insert of media URLs into toot text, toots with media and no text are allowed
- Fixes, including a fix for the broken password reset form

@Gargron “No more auto-insert of media URLs into toot text” — Does this mean the media will actually stay alive in the system after a month or two? I know there has been some issues with older media posts losing their media because the URL wasn’t in the text.

@Stephen_Stone text has nothing to do with media despite the previous auto-insert, it was almost purely cosmetical

@Gargron Is there a way to keep media URL in toots / to insert it regardless of default?

@Gargron I'm most excited about the no more media URLs part! Good idea!

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