If you like Mastodon, there are various ways to help the project that don't involve any money. For example, you can help us spread the message of Mastodon on other platforms where you still have accounts. On Twitter, our outreach account is MastodonProject. On Facebook and Instagram, our outreach account is joinmastodon.

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i never really publicized my birdsite handle anyway but will make it a point to have my mastodon handle on public presentations

@Gargron FYI still can't set up AdWords campaigns for the joinmastodon site since it "links to pages distributing malware" still. AKA certain instances it links to have been flagged.

@cj woah. The new picker doesn't even link to that many instances, comparatively. Maybe I'll have to rel=nofollow the links...? Or that won't help?

@Gargron I've actually potentially managed to get another user on the platform. A Twitch streamer who I've been doing management work for on his Discord server.

@Gargron I did just that and I instantly got 3 new followers... on Twitter! 😟

@Gargron I finally made the decision to delete my account--after 15 years on there. In a farewell message I asked my friends/family to join . I said that I hope Mastodon doesn't have the capacity to become as evil as Facebook, since Mastodon is decentralized, peer-to-peer, and has no Big Brother company controlling it.

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