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I'm not sure what the course of action here is for me in terms of getting the fix out there. Since tags are supposed to be immutable, do I make a new release with no code changes but a fixed Dockerfile?

Gonna test the presumed fix on, fingers crossed

Proving the absence of something that happens randomly is difficult so please test it, give it a few hours, tell me if the segfaults in Sidekiq are gone for good.

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@noiob Please be specific. What frequent error messages? Those specific error messages like in the linked issue?

@Gargron That's about as specific as I can get, since we just got the errors after the 2.3 update and frantically tried to fix the web frontend throwing errors all the time. I didn't read any logs or anything because I don't know where to find them, I just downgraded Ruby and it went away. Might very well be an unrelated issue.

@noiob Okay, good to know. The segfaults wouldn't appear in the frontend. Seems unrelated.

PSA for Mastodon admins 

PSA for Mastodon admins 

PSA for Mastodon admins 

I would count it as a r2. Say the last release was 2.5.21, this would be 2.5.21-r2.

Oh, and yes, it is a new release. But that method of versioning indicates that there is no code changes, just packaging/misc changes.

@kd0bpv @Gargron After all, Microsoft did it with its Server Products... Sever 2008R2, 2012R2, etc...

However, never saw a R2D2 release though 🙁

@DarvenDissek @Gargron it's also what Linux package maintainers do when they have to fix something in a package, but it doesn't affect the packages software's code.

@gargron they're not really immutable, -> latest, stable, ...

but 2.3.2 wouldn't be unreasonable either

@Gargron I don't understand what you're talking about. Hoo-boy! I am really not going to like being a computer science major, am I?

@Reginald_Konga I was addressing people who run Mastodon on their servers, which presumes some familiriaility with the terms I was using. Don't worry, you're not expected to know all of that just because you study CompSci...

@Gargron It just seemed like my not understanding your speech was a common occurrence. That's all.

Hey, ich bin immer noch auf 2.2.0 - Sieht der rc2 fuer dich bis jetzt okay aus, oder gabs schon den ein oder anderen Schluckauf?

@walialu rc2 ist in Ordnung. Aber bitte backups haben!

@Gargron Klar, ich bin zu paranoid um keine Backups zu machen! :)

@Gargron So, update ist durch, du bist n geiler Typ! Jetzt kann ich beruhigt schlafen gehen! 🐘 🐘 🐘 🐘

@gargron +1. I’ve seen other projects do that; if the release notes are clear then it’ll be fine

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