@clar @HeckTheCistem @maloki @Gargron A weekly mailing list of proposed changes does sound really good! I guess development would *feel* slower, but it'd actually be the same speed but with a one week delay. That'd be alright, I think.


@cassolotl @clar@cybre.space @HeckTheCistem @maloki Look, I'm not making bank on this. I think I'm slightly above German minimum wage. In the open-source scene, that's a great accomplishment. Compared to Twitter's 200 engineers, that's nothing. But it's my passion and I have fun doing it, so we get the Mastodon that we see. Don't mess with that. If you disagree with my decisions, fork, or switch to one of the existing forks. I listen to feedback. But I don't *owe* anyone to agree with it.

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@Gargron all they are trying to do is to have a good and open discourse with you.

@HeckTheCistem @clar@cybre.space @cassolotl

@maloki @Gargron @HeckTheCistem @clar Not just that, people are offering their time and energy to help make it so that everyone wins and gets what they want...

@cassolotl @maloki @HeckTheCistem @clar@cybre.space People want different things. The more people, the more different things they want. I have to juggle it all, find compromises where possible, choose who to disappoint where not. I mean, some get disappointed even by compromises. This is not a happy place. Hell, that whole CW thing was started from some people's requests. Or the search stuff the other week. Not a happy place.

@Gargron I understand. I mean, I've been there with you.

@Gargron @maloki @HeckTheCistem @clar Right! What Clar's suggesting is a solution that would give everyone a chance to be opinionated *before* you merge major features, so that you have as much information as possible as early in the game as possible, so that don't have to roll things back so much and be so frustrated. It wouldn't prevent all problems like this, but it would prevent a bunch of them.

@clar @HeckTheCistem @maloki @Gargron (I relate to the part where it's not always possible to compromise and even sometimes the compromise is *unacceptable* to some people. I do this survey of nonbinary people, these days >10,000 respondents. I often get people telling me I'm being transphobic. It sucks, I always feel like I'm doing it Objectively Wrong no matter what I choose, when it's actually totally subjective all round and at the end of the day it's my passion project that I do for free.)

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