I published:

: Perspective from a platform that doesn’t put democracy in peril

@Laurelai did you put it in there on admin panel?

@Gargron I read the whole thing it was great, good job, @Gargron!!!!

@gargron sharing on that cyberpunk FB page in about 2 hours ^_^

@gargron (yes I am aware of the irony, but I use that page to reach a larger amount of people)

@vantablack I am NOT one of those "how can you denounce capitalism using an iphone" people

@vantablack @Gargron telling people to get off of facebook is the only valid use for facebook

@Gargron "Pardon the interruption... Sign up with Google. Sign up with Facebook."

Hard to express the irony.

@Gargron In case it's not clear that's Medium demanding that I allow them to track & spam me by linking myself to a Facebook or Google account.

Needless to say I won't be reading your post.


Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for

@thegibson @Gargron People kill each other within the smallest of legal jurisdictions, why would removing national borders change that?

@Gargron @aparrish yeah no. Not unless they become significantly worse, or a comparable experiance becomes avalible elsewhere… unfortunately with the network effect that seems unlikely to happen

@gargron the problem isn't putting '''democracy''' in '''peril''' but rather corporate surveillance

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