"What is Mastodon?" an animated video by @dopatwo and @Nigma:

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@Gargron @Nigma @dopatwo added German captions! Also, because Facebook is shit when it comes to videos linked from other platforms, I recommend uploading it there directly

@Gargron @dopatwo @Nigma

I added Chinese captions to this video.

By the way, as YouTube is blocked by Chinese government , can I repost this to other video-sharing websites in China?

@nebula_moe Would have to ask @Gargron but I doubt he'll have a problem with it

@ahmd_amsyr @dopatwo @Nigma Lol the first comment is complaining about "toots"

People have no humour smh. It's like "tweet" was anything serious, people are just used to it by now.

@Gargron @dopatwo @Nigma As of this time, there are 15 haters.

There's always haters.

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