Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.


@Liberapay WTF! What was the reason they gave?

@Gargron @ekaitz_zarraga @Technowix

> Your Medium account is in violation of our policies and is in danger of being suspended. Please review our policy for crypto accounts and posts on Medium:

We don't even write about cryptocurrencies at all…

@Liberapay @Gargron Third party stuff...

Why not use Wordpress or something like that?

@jeff Yeah, whatever.

I have a wordpress thing and it just works. In the case of liberapay people it's ok for them to use Pelican, but I don't think it's a real solution for *everyone*.

Anyway, I agree with you in the 95%.

@jeff It's easy to have a wordpress. I know many places which sell VPS's for wordpress.

@jeff Yeah, why does it look like we are discussing if we agree?

@jeff @ekaitz_zarraga @Liberapay I'd recommend a static site generator. No comments or search, but no one's gonna use a WordPress vulnerability to hack the site.

(You can even do a WordPress-based static site; I know the version packaged for Sandstorm supports this, but I haven't tried it.)

@suetanvil @Liberapay @ekaitz_zarraga @jeff @varx I'd go with Contentful & static parsing. You get CMS UI & you get your data as you please.

@Liberapay @Gargron The best answer in cases like that is (imo):

- I'm not talking about crypto but, you know what? Fuck you. Delete the account. I don't give a shit. I'm moving out of here.


you should contact Medium about that issue:

on a second thought they may grant your account back

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