There's a new Mastodon server for sex workers: (see @switter for updates).

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Good luck. Too bad puritanical bs in the states will ensure someone suffers for it. Decriminalization and legitimized as a valid service has to happen. @Gargron


@FiverX2 @switter That's why it's hosted in Austria and not the US! 😁

Account says Australia, you say Austria, am I just stupid or did you misspell it?

@firegem The .at domain is Austria, but yes I see that the bio says it's in Australia πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It must be one of the mysteries the world will never know

@Gargron @switter hopefully the name doesn't bring any trouble with it, considering it's just one letter off

@Gargron @switter This makes me so happy. Thank you for doing this!

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