Really pleased to see that "Who are your favourite people to follow on Mastodon?" thread on HN. It's a shift in tone from talking about the legitimicy of Mastodon as a platform

screenshot of "ebil censoring leftists" bullshit 

@gargron @ZeeZee illustrative comment from that thread

screenshot of "ebil censoring leftists" bullshit 

@ZeeZee @gargron's blocklist isn't even that long

Hot take 

@a_breakin_glass @Gargron @ZeeZee

Everyone essentially "lives in a bubble", based on:
* the education they can draw back on to understand
* willingness to further educate themselves on
* willingness to hear the other party out about
* and willingness to admit
an idea.

@Gargron by the way, is the "Remote follow" button gone now?

@saper It's not. Maybe you're just logged in accidentally?

@Gargron ok, maybe I am confused somehow. It is too small now I think.

@Gargron ah, no, sorry, it was too small to notice on the background

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