Good to see more press for #Taler. I just wish its demo page actually worked :c

@Gargron I always thought Stallman lived in a different world, but I have to say I like the vision he has. I like that he shows what's possible through the way he lives his life.

@fullywoolly I feel like I appreciate Stallman more each year. It helps that it gets clearer each year that he's right.

@gbrnt I agree for sure. Some of his sticking points about the evil of JavaScript, doing things like downloading websites with wget and emailing it to himself, and changing his MAC address each time he connects to a new network seem outlandish in our internet of convenience. But look what we trade for it.


"The surveillance imposed on us today far exceeds that of the Soviet Union."

Quite a statement. Soldiers died for this crap?

Hot off #taler @ freenode: Firefox 58+ is needed, not 57+ as the website claims

@Gargron Sure, but good luck keeping a system operating that you know barely anything about.

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