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"In perhaps the creepiest example, Facebook applied for (and received, last year) a patent for a tool called Techniques, for emotion detection and content delivery. It would use the camera in your phone to take pictures of you as you scroll through content. Facebook would then use facial analysis to measure how much you did or did not like the content in question, so as to determine what kind of stuff to send your way."

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@dog @Gargron The surveillance state creeps ever closer.

@Gargron guess it's time for a black dot sticker over the camera. Or just delete the Facebook app


Thus the electrical tape over cameras on my phone.

Reminds me of this from a few years ago:
NYT: Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera. You Should Consider It, Too.


@Gargron think they can detect the reaction to that article without a subject?

@Gargron Sounds like work done by Natasha Jaques ( @natashajaques@birdsite ) with Smile Tracker should be prior art.

@Gargron Maybe I should disable the forward facing camera on my phone, in case Facebook implements this thing.

@Gargron Not all that is possible should be enacted. Choices like this one are not only stupid but also counterproductive.

@Gargron And this is only the tip of the iceberg!! :(
Don't believe any of the marketing BS from Zuckerburg, everything they did, they did knowing that they were violating your privacy and trust. They did it to make themselves filthy rich and nothing more.

@Gargron well this isn’t super worrying/creepy and invasive at ALL! 😅

@Gargron resting bitch face was the evolutionary adaptation we didn't yet know we needed

@Gargron shit like this is why, if you have battery troubles and bring your iPhone into the Apple Store, the first thing they ask you is "do you have Facebook installed"

but creepy we aren't seizing this quantizing ourselves @gargron

@Laurelai It's so weird that toot is making rounds again, I posted it 3 days ago...

@Gargron Some people follow very few people, so they see some pretty old shit whn they log back on. Etc @Laurelai

@Gargron Facebook keeps getting outed for creepy shit so i think people reboost the old stuff to show how bad it really is


Just disable the ability for the app to use the Camera. Android and iOS can both do it.


oh, you know right well they would monitor you even with the facebook app backgrounded