@cryptiksec@mastodon.technology @maloki You are supposed to fork and diverge when you need something specific to yourself.

@Laurelai @cryptiksec@mastodon.technology @maloki What I am saying is directed at people who do submit PRs and create forks, not at you as an end-user.


@Laurelai @cryptiksec@mastodon.technology @maloki I don't think this conversation is going in the right direction. I am receiving enough compensation currently, nor do I want it to be a "sell out" situation where money decides features. In fact, we're really not talking about feature requests or direction here, but rather that some people submit very specific PRs and expect them to be accepted in the main repository. That doesn't always make sense, and there is nothing wrong with keeping forks.

@Gargamel @Laurelai @cryptiksec @maloki to be honest I don't think you are doing a very good job as project manager on Mastodon. It feels like you are treating it like your pet project, not as a community project. Which is perfectly understandable, but very unfortunate considering how popular it got already.

@Gargamel @Laurelai @cryptiksec @maloki as an occasional contributor, it is very hard to get an idea of whether something is going to be accepted or not. Sometimes, there is scarcely motivated feedback, and very often there is no feedback at all. Several times I had to guess your concerns and voice them in your stead to get things moving.

Don't get me wrong, you're doing a great job on Mastodon, and that work is appreciated, but as a contributor, how the project is managed isn't very motivating.

@Thib thank you this is actually feedback that we can use. I untagged some of the other people. It's good to get to the core of the issues people are experiencing.

And sometimes we need to untag Gargron. 😅

Thank you!


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