Article on Techcrunch: "RSS is undead". First line: "RSS died"

I've become a lot more jaded about tech takes by tech magazines after Mastodon. RSS never died it's just not trendy enough that you hear people talk about it. Every WordPress blog on the net has an RSS feed. Every webcomic. Every news site. Including Techcrunch.

@Gargron RSS is not what is was heading to be.

There used to be RSS buttons that would light up when visiting websites that had feeds. Now you need to "customise Firefox" to put it back, or on Chrom.e.ium you need to install a freaking plugin.

For many, RSS functionality is provided by social media, from Facebook to Reddit. (We've started to see the price of this.)

Maybe RSS will have a come back, I sure hope so. I mean, in end-user usage.



@manu Yeah, I don't understand why Firefox removed the icon from defaults. In Chrome, it almost becomes a strategy: Close down Google Reader, remove RSS icon from Chrome, start pushing publishers to use your proprietary AMP thing instead :thounking:

@Gargron OMG, let's not even get in to AMP right now....That shit is scary.

@Gargron @manu How does AMP replace RSS? They seem like different things to me.

@markshead @Gargron

Sorry if there was any misunderstanding, we weren't saying AMP replaces RSS. More like Google has a lot of influence, on one side trying to kill RSS, on the other, trying to make their own HTML spec.

@markshead @manu @Gargron

I'm gonna be a total noob in here but... What's an AMP ? ^^'

@Qanno @Gargron @manu @markshead In short, the death of the open web, via Google absorbing and serving all content directly from their servers. Oh, also, soon to be expanded to email as well.

@Gargron @manu Same here, it seems to me that RSS is very much in line with Mozilla philosophy of the open web, so they really should bring it back to the default setup.

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