@Laurelai I'm not a good resource for that because I've pretty much never used tor

@Laurelai @Gargron it is pretty simple. You can justbuse nginx and for together to serve the page through .onion.

@Laurelai @Gargron for what purpose? It relies on Tor. It's not that secure (especially from prosecutorial governments)

@Gargron real talk, as an American instance admin with my server running in France, is SESTA a threat to me? Has anyone aggregated resources around this?

@mykola @Gargron I'm not a lawyer but IIRC there was a courtcase recently where Microsoft had to hand over some data which was stored on European servers. Not sure, if this applies here, though.

@zerok @mykola MSFT is an American company, no matter where their servers are

I guess that's kind of your point...

@Gargron @zerok right. And as a hobbyist who has never accepted a penny for any of this I am worried that I could found in non-compliance due to private messages on my server that I don’t even know about.

Ideally I guess there’s be a system that even I couldn’t access, but it’s not set up that way now and I guess I’m worried about going to jail?

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